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ABANDONED - Still Misanthrope EP (Bay Area Thrash aus dem Hessenländle)

AKERCOCKE - Renaissance In Extremis (Avantgardistischer Neo-Prog/Rock/Death) 

ALESTORM - No Grave But The Sea (True Scottish Pirate Folk Metal)

ALLEGAEON - Proponent For Sentience (Technical Melodic Extreme Death Metal)

ALL WILL KNOW - Deeper Into Time (Melodic Death/Metal Core Crossover)

AMON AMARTH - Jomsviking (Melodic Death Metal)

ANAAL NATHRAKH - The Whole Of The Law (Psychopatic Extreme Black Metal)

AND THEN SHE CAME - And Then She Came (Modern Rock)

ANDRAS - Reminiszenzen... (Heathen/Black Metal)

ANTROPOMORPHIA - Necromantic Love Songs (Oldschool Death Metal)

ANTROPOMORPHIA - Sermon Ov Wrath (Oldschool Death Metal)

ARBOR IRA - Weltenfresser (Post Apocalyptic Gothic Doom Death Black Metal)

ARCH ENEMY - As The Stages Burn! (Live-CD/Blu-ray/DVD) (Melodic Death Metal)

ARCH ENEMY - Will To Power (Melodic Death Metal)

ARSIRIUS - Lvdi Incipiant (Death Metal)

ASENBLUT - Berserker (Melodic Viking Death Metal)

ASPHYX - Incoming Death (Oldschool Death Metal)

ASSIMILATION - The Laws Of Power (Oldschool Death/Thrash)

AT THE GATES - To Drink From The Night Itself (Brutal Melodic Death Metal)

ATOMWINTER - Catacombs (Doomed Old School Death Metal)

AVERSIONS CROWN - Xenocide (Technical Melodic Death Core)

AYAHUASCA - Instinct (Progressive Death Metal)

BARK - Like Humans Do (Revolting Hardcore)

BELPHEGOR - Totenritual (Diabolical Black/Death Metal)

BETRAYAL - Infinite Circles (Melodic Death Metal)

BIFRÖST - Mana Ewah (Pagan/Viking/Black Metal)

BLACKEVIL - The Ceremonial Fire (Blackened Thrash Metal)

BLOODCLOT - Up In Arms (Hardcore Punk)

BLOOD OF SEKLUSION - Servants Of Chaos (Oldschool Swe-Death Metal)

BLOODY BROTHERHOOD und KARONTE - Alliance For Death Domination Split-EP (Raw Oldschool Death Metal)

BODY COUNT - Bloodlust (Hardcore/Thrash/Hip Hop/Rap Cross Over)

CANNABIS CORPSE - Left Hand Pass (Death/Grind)

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Red Before Black (Brutal Technical Death Metal)

CARACH ANGREN - Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten (Symphonic Horror Black Metal)

CARNAL DECAY - You Owe You Pay (Hardcore/Death/Grindcore/Deathcore Crossover)

CASKET - Ghouls Of Filth (Oldschool US-Death Metal)

CHAOS PATH - The Awakening (Old School Thrash/Death/Black)

CHOROBA - Integral (Black/Death Metal)

CORROSIVE - Killing Room EP (Oldschool Death Metal)

CRADLE OF FILTH - Cryptoriana-The Seductiveness Of Decay (Symphonic’n‘Gothic Art Black Metal)

CRYPTS OF DESPAIR - The Stench Of The Earth (Oldschool Death Metal)

CUT UP - Wherever The May Rot (Combat Death/Grind)

DAMNATION DEFACED - Invader From Beyond (Futuristic Oldschool Death)

DANZIG - Black Laden Crown (Heavy Doom Horror Punk)

DEAD - A Dirty Mind Is A Joy Forever (Grinding Sleaze Metal)

DEAD ALONE - Serum (Doom/Gothic/Death/Black Crossover)

DEATH - Scream Bloody Gore (Oldschool Death Metal)

DEATHCULT - Cult Of The Goat (Old School Black Metal)

DEBAUCHERY - F..k Humanity (Groove Death Metal)

DEBAUCHERY vs. BLOOD GOD - Thunderbeast (Groove Death'n'Roll)

DECAPITATED - Anticult (Brutal Technical Death/Thrash'n'Roll)

DECAYING - To Cross The Line (Doom/Death/Thrash)

DEMON INCARNATE - Key of Solomon (Heavy Doom/Stoner/Blues Rock)

DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT - Finisterre (Traditional Black Metal)

DESTRUCTION - Under Attack (Oldschool Thrash Metal)

DETERMINATION - Symbiosis (Progressive DE-Death Metal)

DEVILMENT - II-The Mephisto Waltzes (Horror Black Thrash)

DIE ANTWOORD - Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid (Rap Rave)

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - Der rote Reiter (Heavy/Death/Folk/Crossover)

DIMMU BORGIR - Eonian (Symphonic Metal)

DIMMU BORGIR - Forces Of The Northern Night (Symphonic Black Metal)

DISBELIEF - The Symbol Of Death (Progressive Death Metal)

DISTILLATOR - Summoning The Malicious (Speed Metal)

DISTRESSED TO MARROW - La Violencia (Doom Death Metal)

DYING FETUS - Wrong One To Fuck With (Technical Brutal Death/Grind)

EDEN WEINT IM GRAB - Na(c)htodreise (Gothic, Dark, Doom, Horror, Black Metal)

EISREGEN - Fleischfilm (Gothic/Dark/Black Crossover)

EISREGEN - Marschmusik (Death/Black Metal)

EISREGEN - Satan liebt dich (Black/Dark/Death’n‘Gothic)

EKTOMORF - Aggressor (Thrash/Hardcore/Groove Metal)

EKTOMORF - Fury (Thrash/Hardcore/Groove Metal)

ELIZIUM - Elysium (Gothic Dark Rock)

EMMURE - Look At Yourself (Deathcore/Hardcore/Noisecore)

ENDLESS CURSE - Slave Breeding Industry (Brutal Death Metal)

END OF GREEN - Void Estate (Sad Darkness Rock)

ENDSEEKER - Flesh Hammer Prophecy (Death Metal)

ENSIFERUM - Two Paths (Pagan/Folk/Viking/Power/Death Metal Crossover)

ENSLAVED - E (Progressive Black Metal)

EPIDEMIC SCORN - Rebirth (Hardcore/Death/Deathcore/Thrash Crossover)

EQUILIBRIUM - Armageddon - (Epic Pagan/Viking/Death Metal)

EVERGREY - The Storm Within (Dark Progressive Metal)

EVERLASTING CARNAGE - Slaughterhouse-Rock (Death'n'Roll/Gore/Grind)

EVOCATION - The Shadow Archetype (Melodic Death/Thrash)

EWIGHEIM - Schlaflieder (Dark Rock)

EXHUMED - Death Revenge (Death Grind)

FÄULNIS - Antikult (Black Doom Punk)

FAR BEYOND - A Frozen Flame Of Ice (Epic Dark/Death Metal)

FATALIST - The Bitter End (80s/90s Swe-Death Metal aus Ventura, California)

FEJD - Trolldom (Nordischer Folk Metal)

FIRESPAWN - The Reprobate (Brutal Technical Death Metal)

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE - King (Technical, Orchestral Death Metal)

FLEURETY - The White Death (Melancholic Neurotic Progressive/Avantgarde Metal)

FORGING THE STORM - Desolation (Metalcore/Hardcore/Deathcore Crossover)

FUBAR - Weltschmerz (Death/Grind/Thrash/Hardcore Crossover)

GEISTERFELS - La névrose de la pierre (Old School Black Metal)

GENOCIDE PACT - Order Of Torment (Old School US-Death Metal)

GOATWHORE - Vengeful Ascension (Black/Death/Thrash) 

GOD DETHRONED - The World Ablaze (Technical Death Metal)

GODSKILL - I: The Forthcoming (Oldschool Death Metal)

GOREGAST - Covered In Skin EP (Oldschool DE-Death Metal)

GRAVEWARDS - Subconcious Lobotomy (Blackened Oldschool Death/Thrash)

GRUESOME - Dimensions Of Horror (Oldschool Death Metal)

GUMOMANIACS - Out Of Disorder (Oldschool Thrash Metal)

HARLOTT - Extinction (Thrash Metal)

HIGH FIGHTER - Scars & Crosses (Progressive/Doom/Vintage/Blues/Sludge/Rock Crossover)

HYPNOS - The Whitecrow (Blackened Death Metal)

IGORRR - Savage Sinusoid (Whateverrr-Core) 

ILLDISPOSED - Grey Sky Over Black Town (Brutal Goove Death Metal)

IMMOLATION - Atonement (Oldschool Death Metal)

IMMORTAL - Northern Chaos Gods (Black Metal Blast Attack)

IN FURY - In Fury (Melodic Death Metal)

INQUIRING BLOOD - Morbid Creation (Thrash Death'n'Roll)

IN REVERENCE - The Selected Breed (Brutal Technical Atmospheric Death Metal)

IRON BASTARDS - Fast & Dangerous (Dirty Rock'n'Roll)

JUDAS PRIEST - Firepower (Old School Heavy Metal)

KALIBOS - HexA (Doom/Sludge Metal)

KAMBRIUM - The Elders' Realm (Symphonic Power Metal/MelodicDeath Metal Crossover)

KARONTE und BLOODY BROTHERHOOD - Alliance For Death Domination Split-EP (Raw Oldschool Death Metal)

KATAKLYSM - Meditations (Melodic Death Metal)

KATATONIA - The Fall Of Hearts (Progressive Rock)

KILLING CAPACITY - Machines Of War EP (Old School Death Metal)

KREATOR - Gods Of Violence (Thrash Metal)

KRISIUN - Forged In Fury (Oldschool Death Metal)

KRYLITHSIC - Beast Of The Northern Hemisphere EP (Sick, Brutal Neo Death Core)

KRYLITHSIC - Beast Of The Northern Hemisphere Full-length (Sick, Brutal Neo Death Core)

KUOLEMANLAAKSO - M. Laakso-Vol. 1 The Gothic Tapes (Gothic, Rock, Doom, Death, Black Metal Crossover)

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE - Hope Is Here (Rock'n'Sad/Gothic/Dark Rock)

LEAVES' EYES - Fires In The North EP (Symphonic Metal)

LEAVES’ EYES - Sign Of The Dragonhead (Symphonic Metal)

LEGAL HATE - Avoider (Neo Death Thrash)

LENG TCH'E - Razorgrind (Death Grind Chaoscore)

LETTERS FROM THE COLONY - Vignette (Math Core/Mind Core)

LIFELESS - The Occult Mastery (Oldschool Swe-Death Metal)

LIK - Carnage (HM2-Oldschool Swe-Death Metal)

MAAT - Monuments Will Enslave (Egyptian Technical Death Metal)

MADBALL - For The Cause (Hardcore/Street Punk/Thrash Crossover)

MÄHTHRÄSHER - Killing Fields (Thräsh Mätäl)

MALLEVS MALEFICARVM - Homo Homini Lupus (Black Metal)

MAMMOTH GRINDER - Cosmic Crypt (Old School US-Death Metal)

MARDUK - Viktoria (Black Metal Blast)

MARTYRION - Our Dystopia (Melodic Death Metal)

MASCHARAT - Mascharat (Atmospheric Black Metal)

MASSIVE ASSAULT - Mortar (Hardcore Death Thrash)


MEMORIAM - For The Fallen (Oldschool Death Metal)

MEMORIAM - The Silent Vigil (Oldschool Death Metal)

MESHUGGAH - The Violent Sleep Of Reason (Extreme Metal)

METALLICA - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct (Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal)

MICHAEL DIETRICH - Across Open Seas (Singer-Songwriter Rock/Folk/Blues)

MINAS MORGUL - Kult (Pagan Black Metal)

MINISTRY - AmeriKKKant (Industrial Elektro Samples Rock/Metal)

MISANTHROPE MONARCH - Regress To The Saturnine Chapter (Technical Death/Thrash)

MONSTER MAGNET - Mindfucker (Psychedelic Stoner Rock)

MORBITORY - Into The Morbitory (Oldschool Death Metal)

MORFIN - Consumed By Evil (Oldschool Death Metal)

MORIJAH - Black Despair (Progressive/Innovative Death Metal)

MORK - Eremittens Dal (Norwegian Oldschool Black Metal)

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - Embers Of A Dying World (Melodic Death Metal)

MUNICIPAL WASTE - Slime And Punishment (Hardcore/Speed/Thrash Crossover) 

MY DARKEST HATE - Anger Temple (Old School Death Metal)

MY SLEEPING KARMA - Mela Ananda-Live (Psychedelic Space Trip Rock)

NEKROKRAFT - Will O' Wisp (Black/Thrash/Death Metal)

NEX CARNIS - Obscure Visions Of Dark (Old School Death Metal)

NOTHGARD - The Sinner' Sake (Melodic Death Metal)

OBITUARY - Obituary (Old School Florida Death Metal)

OBITUARY - Ten Thousand Ways To Die (Old School Florida Death Metal / Live Album)

OBSCURA - Diluvium (Technical Death Metal)

OBSCURE INFINITY - Dawn Of Winter (Oldschool Death Metal)

OBSOLETE INCARNATION - Eradication Of Society EP (Brutal Deat Metal/Deathcore)

OCTANIC - The Mask Of Hypocrisy (Melodic Death Metal/Metal Core)

OPETH - Sorceress (Unconventional Progressive Rock)

OPHIS – The Dismal Circle (Doom/Death Metal)

ORIGIN - Unparalleled Universe (Brutal Technical Death Shred)

PAIN - Coming Home (Industrial/Electronic/Alternative/Dark Rock/Crossover)

PAINFUL - Imagines Pestis (Death/Black Metal)

PARADISE LOST- Medusa (Doom/Death Metal)

PEST EMPIRE - Prophet EP (Black/Doom Metal)

PEST HOLE - Wizards (Thrashin' Waste Metal)

PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS - Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue (Asylum Housecore)

PROJEKT MENSCH - Herzblut (Neue Deutsche Härte)

PSYCHAOTIC - Psychaotic (Brutal Tech Death Crossover)

RADIATION ROMEOS - Radiation Romeos (L.A. Rock)

REFUSAL -We Rot Within (Death/Grind/Thrash/Hardcore)

REQUIEM - Global Resistance Rising (Fucked Up Old School Death)

RESURGENCY - No Worlds...Nor Gods Beyond

REVEL IN FLESH - Relics Of The Deathkult (Old School DE-Death)

REVOLTING - Monolith Of Madness (Old School Swe-Death)

RICHTHAMMER - Ascheland (Death/Black/Thrash/Doom/Punk)

RINGS OF SATURN - Ultu Ulla (Alien Death Core)

RIVERS OF NIHIL - Monarchy (EUR Tour ed. incl. bonus tracks)

RIVERS OF NIHIL - Where Owls Know My Name (Modern Technical Death Metal Crossover)

ROTTEN SOUND - Suffer To Abuse EP (Grindcore/Death/Punk)

RUDE - Remnants... (Oldschool Death Metal)

RUNNING WILD - Rapid Foray (Oldschool Heavy Metal)

SAHG - Memento Mori (Progressive Psychedelic Doom Space Rock)

SCHLACHTUNG - Mahnmal (Death/Grind/Crust Core)

SECRET SPHERE - The Nature Of Time (Atmospheric Orchestral Heavy Metal)

SEPULTURA - Machine Messiah (Thrash Death Metal)

SETHNEFER - Monolith (Death/Domm 'n' Roll)

SikTH - The Future In Whose Eyes? (Progressive Metal/Mathcore/Thrashcore/Djent)

SINISTER - Syncretism (Oldschool Death Metal)

SINSAENUM - Ashes EP (Technical Weirdo Death/Thrash/Black Metal)

SINSAENUM - Echoes Of The Tortured (Technical Weirdo Death/Thrash/Black Metal)

SIX FEET UNDER - Torment (Brutal Death'n'Roll)

SKINLESS - Savagery (Brutal US Death Metal)

SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (Rapcore, Nu Metal, Djent Crossover)

SODOM - Decision Day (Thrash Metal)

SOURVEIN - Aquatic Occult (Sludge/Doom/Crust/Blues Metal)

SPIELBANN - Die Ballade von der 'Blutigen Rose' (Düster/Gothic Rock)

SUFFOCATION - ...Of The Dark Light (Technical Death/Grindcore)

SUICIDE SILENCE - Suicide Silence (Post Deathcore/Punk Rock/Thrash/Death Crossover)

SUSPERIA - The Lyricist (melodic & blackened Death/Thrash/Heavy Crossover)

SVART CROWN - Abreaction (Blackened Progressive Noise Death Metal)

TANKARD - One Foot In The Grave (Speed/Thrash Metal)

TASK FORCE BEER - Meaning Of Life (Beerinspired Death/Grind)

TESTAMENT - Brotherhood Of The Snake (Bay Area Thrash Metal)

THAKANDAR - Sterbende Erde (Dystopischer Black Metal)

THE ARTICLE - The Black Chapter EP (Melodic Death/Hardcore Metal)

THE CHARM THE FURY - The Sick, Dumb And Happy (Metalcore/Post-Hardcore)

THE CROWN – Cobra Speed Venom (Melodic Speed Death Metal)

THE DEAD SOUL COMMUNION - Dead Soul Communion MMXVII (Progressive Melancholic Industrial Gothic Death Metal Crossover)

THE END - Age Of Apocalypse (Old School Florida Death Metal)

THE LURKING FEAR - Out Of The Voiceless Grave (Old School Death Metal)

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST - Exuvia (Ambient Black Metal)

THE WINERY DOGS - Hot Streak (Oldschool Hard Rock)

THERION - Beloved Antichrist (Symphonic Classical Rock Opera)

THRONE OF HERESY - Antioch (Oldschool Death Metal)

THY ART IS MURDER - Dear Desolation (Deathcore/Death/Djent)

THYRGRIM - Vermächtnis (Oldschool Black Metal)

TWITCHING TONGUES - Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred (Alternative/Stoner/Hardcore Crossover)

ULCERATE - Shrines Of Paralysis (Epic Death/Doom/Black Metal)

UNDER THE CHURCH - Supernatural Punishment (Oldschool Black/Death/Thrash)

UNDILUTED - The Witherting Path (Gothic/Doom Metal)

URFAUST - Empty Space Meditation (Ambient Doom Black Metal)

VADER - Iron Times EP (Death/Thrash Metal)

VADER - The Empire (Death/Thrash Metal)

VARG - Götterdämmerung (Pagan/Death/Black Metal)

VINTERSORG - Till Fjälls Del II (Progressive/Folk/Black Metal)

VIRCOLAC - The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter EP (Death/Black Metal)

W.I.L.D. - Purgatorius (W.I.L.D. Thrash/Death Metal)

WARPATH - Bullets For A Desert Session (Thrash/Hardcore/Doom Metal)

WEDNESDAY 13 - Condolences (Industrial/Thrash/Horror Punk/Rock'n'Roll Crossover)

WINTERSUN - The Forest Seasons (Epic Melodic Black/Death Metal)

WITCHERY - In His Infernal Majesty's Service (Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal)

WOUND - Engrained

XTERNITY - From Endless Depravity (Black Death Thrash)

ZANTHROPYA X - Neuer Gott EP (Thrash/Death/Metal Core)